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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Save Money!!

I think I need to save money edi.
I don't how I use money la, 2 days can finish RM80.
I gotta save money for end of Oct events.
Luckily no more any special event, I can save money in this 20++days edi..=p
Don't want to use so much edi.
Everytime when i ask my parents, I felt bashful la.
Gotta find job edi but I think I don't have any time to work.
Tuesday start study edi.
This is my 2nd chance to study those subject.

I need Money!! Money really important for me...
I think not only me, is everyone. XD

1 comment:

Florence said...

ya money is important for me too !!
hahaha yalo i dun like take money from my parents..feel like not tat good to do tat..haiz but no choice..i dun hv freelance job now!!!aaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! qin 5 gao yong arrrrrr!!!!!!