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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to College

Well, I gotta study hard already.
This is my 2nd times to take those subject.
I think it's a piece of cake for me.
The easiest subject I think is Presentation Drawing 2,
just draw the room then render la. bla bla bla.....BUT
I think I'd long time didn't touch my color marker already,
I don't know my render skill still here or not.
How to render already huh?! XD
Need to draw 50 pieces drawing!! CRAZY~~
Gotta start now.
And I got 2D AutoCAD class also.
This subject is compel to re-take. sad!! =(
So bad the lecturer, don't want to let me pass last time.
But I think it's okay, 2nd piece of cake for me. haha...
I already got 3 assignments to do,
class just started 2 3 days. aikz...
Must submit next week and next next, but I enjoy. XD
The main thing is I must revise all the subject that I learn last time.
I really forgot what is concrete, what is cement, what is joist...............
My God!! This is Construction and Building Tech la, I learn it before, how can I forget this.
I wanna be a Top Student!! XD

"Are you kidding me?!"
"That's impossible!!"

haha...nothing is impossible. =p

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