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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm so SICK!!

Hmm..I want to start this post last few days actually but I really busy for something.
So I just start today la. XD
My title is "I'm so SICK!!". What I sick for?!
aiks..I really sick of my look edi. I forgot when this feeling start.
Some of the peoples told me,"wow,you so leng zai", "you looks bit handsome" n bla bla bla......
Those words for me is edi no feeling, I just can smile and thanks them.
Maybe last time I'll felt happy but now really sick of the words.
Last time, I always look at the mirror at least 10minutes to see my face but now I just look at the mirror to set my hair before hanging out only.
I'm sick to set my hair edi, everytime set before hanging out, it's became my duty to do that.
I got bit disgust it.
I look st the mirror sometimes, I'll say,"Isaac!!you're so ugly!"
AH!!!going crazy edi. I lost my confidence!!
When this feeling disappear?!

Maybe I just cant take a nice photo from myself or my hair prob?
"I Don't Know!"
Need to sit in front the mirror and ask.
I'll do it tonight.
I must love my look!! GOD has give me a nice appearance, I gotta know how to utilize it.
Hope the feeling will disappear after Today.


Florence said...

u really tik so much la..
so leng zai liao stil not satisfy !!
hahaha xD faster faster condident come bek !! :P

Highwind said...

haha...my confidence coming back now..
leng zai but cant attract girl lo.......-.-||
now this photo attract THEM again lo...dun like la.....

Florence said...

- -" wat la u ~wan attract gal but dun like they attracted ?= ="wat u means o?

Highwind said...

hmm...THEM is mean not girl a........haha...