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Monday, October 20, 2008

Need Much More

I got a lil' self-hate today.
I need more courage to say to my mum.
I told my mom just now,

I said,"I'm going to Alor Gajah this Saturday with friends."
"How many people going there? Who's going?" She asked.
Then I answer,"Hmm, around 100 persons go lo, it's a camp. I going with my friend, they came our house that day."
She asked again,"Oh, how you know them? I never saw them before."
I was shaking that time, then I just said,"My friend's friend lo..."
We just talk for awhile then she say OK.

Why I just can't say they're my church friends? I going with my church friends.
Wai Keat going also.
WHY lar?! -.-||
I'm disappointing myself.

1 comment:

Florence said...

dun disappointed...
u c pooi kee mom now accept her as Christianise oso..i believe 1 day she will accept u too =)