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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I was back from Genting few days already.
I took many photos in Genting Highland.
When I reach home then I keep checking what photos I took in Genting.
Then I found once that looks nice.
I really didn't take a nice photo since June 08.
Then I upload to my friendster, my blog and my facebook.

The nice picture. =p

Afterward, I read a message after I log in to my friendster account.
Someone sent a message to me.
The content is about:

"Date: 11/26/2008 2:12 am
Subject: Michelle has sent you a smile.
Message: Michelle wants to brighten your day with a smile. Check out Michelle's profile and send a reply.

A message from Michelle:
hihi .. interested in part time modeling? You can try first to see if you like it. Our photographers will try to compose you to see what style you like. At the end of the day, you can keep the pictures to be used, free of charge."

Haha.. My look still can attract someone to ask me those question.
Not BAD~! XD
Can I handle it?
But when I read this message, I think about my weight first.
No way~~! Quite heavy!!
Start on diet already. Can't let my weight increase.
I lazy to exercise or gym actually, it's hard to control my body to do that.

Erm.. "Be a model" is my dream last time. Can say like that. =)
But the dream was disappear long time ago.
Forgot what's the reason already.
I'm happy to received a message like this but I already not interested. =p
Human must be reality a bit, can't dream so much.
But this is a rare chance. =p
HOW? HOw? How?! XD

I got a model look?
I got a model height?
I got a model weight?

Don't want dream already.
Time to wake up!!


Ellie Low Panda said...

michelle = jin yee?

Highwind said...

got many michelle in this world lo..
another michelle there..
i dunno she simply send me this msg or wat lo..
and jin yee dun hav friendster.^^

Joanne said...

Well, if u'r interested in it and now you have the chance, why not try it out?
I will suggest u work out....it will be better. ^^

Florence said...

MMM.. u muz jia you on gym ...dun lazy..GOGOGO!!!
^^cz u hv a nice face..y dun u start to keep fit now?& i believe it that is not a dream...=)i noe u can do it

Anonymous said...

hey, u hv a model look n height... weight i no comment...

u should give it a try... no harm trying...

Highwind said...

To joanne:
hmm..but i still wan to think lo..
need time to gym 1st..XD

Highwind said...

To flor:
no money to go gym la..
so expensive!!
maybe i juz diet then can edi..
2 years later only go for gym ba..
i wanna be a interior designer + part time model. haha.....

Highwind said...

To barbieding:
haha..i think i going to start diet edi..
if success then i try for it.. =p

Florence said...

actually u can do many exercise at home de lor..no nid go gym oso can slim 1..hehe dun eat so much la u ^_^

rtjv90 said...

hey gogogogo.. lol.. do push ups sit ups go buy dumb bell and do home workouts! lol, u've got potential looks ma. might as well go for it? :P
good luck :D