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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Haha.. So happy that Mckey WON the competition!!
She's America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 Winner man!!
She's my favourite model since the first episode in Cycle 11.
I love her face shape, her eyes, her nose, her mouth and her height.
So touch when I heard she won this competition. Haha..
Here are the photos she took since the first episode.

This is her 1st photo shoot.
A little boxing pose.

This is her 2nd photo shoot.
Shoot with the Hot Air Balloon.

This is her makeover photo shoot.
Pretty right? =p

This is her 3rd photo shoot.
Swim Suit photo shoot.
The first photo that took after makeover.

This is her 4th photo shoot.
She's going to shoot with her EYES.

This is her 5th photo shoot.
Photo shoot theme is about Disaster.

This is her 6th photo shoot.
She thought she'll win but she lose.

This is her 7th photo shoot.
Her best shoot!!
The first photo shoot in Amsterdam.
Let's look at her long leg!!

This is her 8th photo shoot.
This is shoot for her natural look and her gorgeous look.
She's improve week by week!!
The photo before make up.

Gorgeous make up.
High-Fashion pose!!

This is her 9th photo shoot.

This is her last photo shoot in this competition.
She's going to shoot for the Cover Girl Cosmetic.
This is the best photo she took.
Look at her eyes and her smile. Wow.. WOw.. WOW...

Well, she won already.
Every model will have a photo shoot after they win.
The winner photo shoot.

Mckey and Tyra Banks.


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