Tick Tock Tick

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Whoa~~! What a scary Saturday?!
Today I was woke up at 11am, still sitting on the bed because I was not willing to get out from my bedroom.
Aikz~~ Nothing to do in the bedroom, then I just keep praying, keep keep praying.
Haha~~ Until 11.35am then I got out from my room.
Surprise? Shock?!
My mom so kind, talked to me with the kind way.
She said she let me go church but don't believe!

hmm............................. -.-||

I was happy that she'd made a concession.
That's a good news!
Well, I'll let her see my changes!
Thanks God!

**Don't belittle any prayer!!


Florence said...

yea!!Don't belittle any prayer!!
haha i m happy to heard that ..
finally they accept u.. :)
c c my pray so powerful..
next time u muz thx me & belanja me makan edi ..haha jkjk :P

Highwind said...

Haha.. I thx u on my "Finally" post edi.. update pls! Haha...=p
They not 100% accept it lo..
still sounds like beh song now.
just give time lo.
Maybe let them calm down for few days when I at camp lo..