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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Am I Thinkin'?

Where is my heart?!

Where is my endurance?!

Where is the fire that I persist in this course before?!

Am I tiring of this course or not interested in this course already?!

Hmm~~ Maybe I'm not interested already.
This is not the course that I want to study from the beginning.
I must to make a decision now before the January intake if I want to drop this course.
My father ask me to choose another course!!
An unexpected words!!
If I really want to choose other courses, then it might be IT or ... ... ... ...
I don't know how to choose now!
Or I just stay to continue a course that make me feel tired?!
Maybe I not good in design!
So better choose some courses that I really like!!
Many experiences that I lost my confidence in my design.
I felt my designs are the worst one. Many times!! Many times!!!
Many times I did the worst designs!!

Suddenly come out from my mind:
"Love to draw not really mean that you have a design endowment."

I'm not creative at all.
My designs are look like a s***!!
I'm going to find a new college to start my new college life!!
I know that's waste my time and money, but I really not interested in design already.
I self-hate because I didn't make a right decision from the beginning.



Joanne said...

Hey, chill chill. Dun be so sad about urself.

If you think changing a course is the best decision for urself, then go for it! If not, then find back the confident and interest in design that you used to have.

Gambateh ya!! ^^

欣慧 said...

i can say tat u are the same situation wif me..
almost the same..
i know how u fell..
when i decided to stop my course i very struggle..
and now i still dono wat course i shud take..
between tat
for me la..
u already stdy for 1 years plus already... just continue study..
my advise is keep study la..
coz really waste time if now stop..
most important is pray to God..
ask God show u his way..
and open and way for u..

add oil ya bro..
hmm.. eh. issac.. we both study the same course la..
hahahahahahaha. i Jan wan start study..
but no yet choose..
we both choose IT or multidia design la. haha..