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Monday, December 15, 2008

Crossover Camp 2008 Part 3

Oh~! 4days 3 nights camp over already!!
Feels like not enough for me, even my looks older and older in camp.
Last day already, must take pic with them.

Me and Marie.

Bryan and Wai Keat.

Ranee, Jin Ling and Jasmine.

Me and Jin Ling.

Me and Si Wen. How come got Tim Ci's face there?! Spoil the pic!! Haha~~

Me and Xin Hui.

Me and Tim Ci.

Me and David.

Heart 3 GOGOGO!!

Tim Ci and Bryan.

U can see the So Lou?! Your left hand side one.

Me and Zheng Wei.

Me and Ranee.

Me and Wai Keat.

Me and Mun Suet.

Me, Pui San and Florence.

Me and Jen Yi.

Bryan and Jen Yi.

The End

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