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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Weird Dream

I had this dream on last Monday or Tuesday.
The dream is talking about I'm going to a trip with friends.
Okay, we reach the place already and goto the apartment to check in.
After check in, we just go to the room and put our luggage. The building quite scary and the apartment looks like 80s 90s old room.
The floor is like mosaic floor, wall just normal white painting color, the door is dark brown and I can hear the sound "NGI... ..." when open the door... ... ...all look like so old!!
Can you feel it?!

I still can't forget it!!
Until the night... ...whoa~~! scary!!
What I can see is a standing fan turning and shaking without control.
It keep shaking keep keep shaking on the side.
And the door... ... ...can't close it!!
I try to close it but fail, it open automatically.
Conclusion is can't close.
Then I walk to living room and pray with my friends.
Suddenly, I feel something is behind me, then I turn my head to see!!
And I saw a kid with gray skin, yellow shirt, orange pant, cap and his right eye had a black hole. Mean no eyeball.
Then it disappear suddenly.
It still scaring me now.
Then I wake up already...
Unforgettable weird dream!! Can You Imagine it?! Hohohoho...

1 comment:

Florence said...

wah indeed scary when i read til u said d kid dun hv eyes ball..walao..tats so scary..!!