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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Thursday 29/1

Whoa~~! Shock~~!
This is my first time to have 10+ visitation.
I woke up early in the morning and get ready to go Sri Petaling to take breakfast with Zheng Wei, Tim Ci, David, Wai Keat, Pui Yee, Phooi Yee, Jen Yi, Bryan, Tao Kei, Xin Hui, Jun Fai, Marie and ... ... ...
Then we went to Jun Fai's house for the first visitation, OUG.
Then Marie's house, Puchong.
ZW, Serdang.
Pui Yee, Kuchai Lama.
Tao Kei, Taman Desa.
Then we went to Victor's house for another visitation, Happy Garden.
There's around 20 persons including us. WOW~~!
Then Jackson's house, Sri Petaling.
Bryan, Cheras.
Jen, Sri Petaling.
Then we went to puchong to take our dinner, Tian Yuan porridge steamboat.
Afterward, Lih Yeh's house, Ji Herng's house and the Final destination is Lik Fong's house, Sg. Long.
I reach home is around 1am.
Tired Day! But I enjoy it! XD

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