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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Day

Oh~~! Valentine's day was just past. I'm feeling happy because of Heng Jing Gor and Xiao Yan Jie had been married today. First time I went to Christian wedding, I like the feel and feel blessing.

*Happy Wedding Day & Happy Valentine's Day*

I feel hurt and sad in the same day, feels like something is going to happen. I'm emo-ing and writing this post!
Is it a testing or temptation? I'm hating blogger sometimes!! I'm still a normal person, I can't bear so much of feeling attacks! Maybe I WERE eliminated from the list that available for calling out! I CARE!!
This is the endless hurt feeling, it's hard to convert to words!
Just forget about it!

Back to the wedding party! Actually I planned to watch "HOUSE" today after the wedding party but not going at the end. Then stay in church chit chat with Emily, Samuel, Khen Joon, Hui Yun and Jin Ling. Then we planned to go Emily's house to play her doggy named Dolly (Poodle)! This Dolly is more obedient than DORY! Haha~~! Then we back to church at 5pm and start to fetch people already! Then service start at 6.30pm. After service, we had our cg dinner at outside church there.

(Ring~~Ring!!) Sister call me to fetch her back home! Then I went to Asia Cafe with ZW, Xin Hui, Yi Ping, Victor, Tim Ci they all to have our supper. Hoho~~! Yi Ping and I had order the "GAM HEONG CRAB", long time didn't eat crab already.

Then back home~~! The time is 2.30am! And the sad feeling appear! Aikzz~~! 0_o||

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